Here you can find some informations about the divespots from:

Dumaguete (Negros Oriental)
Apo Island (Negros Oriental)
Alona Beach (Panglao, Bohol)
Balicasag Island (Panglao, Bohol)


Dauin (Dumaguete) is quite special for diving, because the sand is brown there. That has its reason by the vulcanic area. Even the majority's bottom is sand, and not corals, but there is still a lot of aquatic life to see and to find, if you know how to! The spots there are very interessting and always good for a surprise. Some spots:

Frogfish Mandarine Fish Ghost Pipefishes Shrimp Bluespotted Stingray Turtle Nudybranch (Tecacera Picta, juvenile)
El Dorado

At El Dorado, you can find a lot of small stuff. Additionally, frogfish(es), bluespotted maskrays, mangroove snappers, demon stingers and also a school of big eye snappers and some blue stripped snappers are commonly there. The night dives are great!


At this spot, Silliman University (one of the oldest university in the Philippines) with it's Marine Laboratory, had once a project and built an artificial reef several years ago, made by old tires, which are connectet in groups of about three to six tires each. Today, there are already a lot of soft and hard corals grown. It's famous for late afternoon dives. That's why you can find a lot of nudybranches there. Additionally, you can also find frogfishes, twinspotted lionfishes, and mandarin fishes!

Boat & Car Wreck

This are two dives spots, just next to each other. If you are good in air, or if you use nitrox, you can maybe dive both spots together. But due its depth (about 30m), you will only have a short bottom time. So, better dive them separately. They're it worth!

The boat wreck is an old bangka, which was cleaned, emptied and sanked some years ago. You can see the marks of times already. But nevertheless, it's nice to see all the morrays, batfishes, shrimps, pipefishes, ghostpipefishes, and sometimes even sea horses.

The car wrecks offers you two old pick ups, which were sanked also a longer time ago. Additionally, you can find also morrays, shirmps, a bluespotted stingray, a school of big eye and bluestriped snappers,pipefishes, ghostpipefishes, and other small stuff.

In the sea grass, at the shallower area, you can also find nice creatures, like frogfishes, sea horses, ghostpipefishes, mantishrimps and slugs.


Masaplod is already a sanctuary since a longer time. You can feel like in an aquarium. There are normally so many fishes to see there, especially if there is a stronger current! There is also a really huge turtle, which is already quite old, according to it's size. A lot of mangroove snappers, big eye snappers, small jackfishes. Also to see: large scorpionfishes, sweetlips, batfishes, bluespotted mask rays, nudybranches, giant claims and sea horses. This is really a rich divespot!

The Pier

The Pier of the Dumaguete Coconut Mill (DuCoMi) is maybe one of the greatest spots for photographers. Unfortunatly, you can not always dive there, because it's a restricted area. There are also big boats anchoring there, to load coconut oil, made by the copra of the coconuts.

The pillars of the pier are full of softcorals and you'll have the biggest amount of nudybranches you have ever seen, concentrated on such a small area! But also frogfishes, coral shrimp fishes, ghostpipefishes, demon stingers and sepiahs can be found. It's just amazing!

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Apo Island

Apo Island is a small Island in front of Dauin, reachable by boat in about 30 minutes.There are about 700 people living on it. Apo Island is a protected area since a longer time. Fishing is limited, and only residents are allowed to catch fishes. That's why you can see that the fishes growing to a bigger size, than on other places.You can see plenty of fishes - like in an aquarium - and many nice soft and hard corals during every dive. It's also possible, that you could see turtles or sea snakes anywhere, around the island, as well as 2 humphead parrotfishes.

Giant Travelly School of Jacks Schooling of Bannerfishes Clownfish City
Coconut Point

Have a great drift dive, with sometimes a quite strong current, in an aquarium. There is a school of jacks, and also a lot of bigger fishes like mangrove & maori snappers, groupers, giant & bluefin travellies. You can also see a school of pyramide butterlyfishes and bannerfishes.


Also Cogon is a normally a nice drift dive. And the current is a usually lesser than at Coconut Point. You can also see several big fishes as mangrove & maori snappers, groupers, giant & bluefin travellies. But the highlight, without any doubts, is the huge school of jacks. If you can see all together, then they are thousands. Sometimes, they are splitted in small groups, and then you just see some hundreds, or a thousand. But even then, it's impressive.

Rock Point

This is a nice dive with a lot of fish in the first part, and a beatiful coral garden at the second, to finish the dive in a nice shallow area. On the way to the coral, you can meet a huge school of pyramide butterflyfishes combined with a huge school of bannerfishes. Also bluefin travellies are common there.

Marine Sanctuary

This is the only one place around the island, where is not allowed to fish. It's a no-take sanctuary, and only 15 divers (exclusive of guides) are allowed there per day. See a really huge table coral, black corals and a lot of nudybranches during the first part of the dive on the wall, and the amazing clownfishes city during the second part in the shallow. Clownfish city is a highly concentrated collection of anemonies, with plenty of anemony fishes. It's really impressive and also great for diving!


Chapel is a nice wall / sloap dive, with a an impressive coral garden also at the end. There are a lot of holes in the wall, in which could always be something interesting to find. Also a lot of nudybranches to see.

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Alona Beach

Alona Beach is a white, sandy beach. And also the surrounding areas have white, sandy beaches, as well as the sand during the dives is white.

Sea Snake Pegasus Pygmy Seahorse
Snake Island

Snake Island is a sunken Island starting at about 10 meters, and gowing slowly down. If you dive on the right side, you will see a lot of sea snakes. There are two common types: aaaaaa and bbbbbb. Mostly, you will have to dive with current, sometimes it could be quite strong.

Arco Point / Whole in the wall

Dive thru a whole in the wall, starting at the shallow part, at about 8 meters deep, and come out at 14 to 18 meters. Maybe you can see some pegasus, if you are lucky. But there are a lot of banded pipefishes, some frogfishes, pygmy seahorses and also harlequin sweetlips.

BBC Point

A great dive spot with a nice slope, several pygmy seahorses, 2 jeepney wrecks in the shallower part, crocodile / flathead fishes, a lot of nudybranches and pipefishes. Sometimes, stronger current at the slope.

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Balicasag Island

A nice small and flat Island with a resort and restaurant on it. The sand is white and the beach is nice also. There is a school of Jacks and another one of Barracudas around.

Cuttlefish Morray Bluefin Travelly
Black Forest

A nice slope dive with a lot of black corals in bigger depts. Turtles and cuttlefishes and some triggerfishes are also seen here. Normally a lot of fishes, and a nice part to finish the dive in the shallow with a lot of nudybranches and morrays. Sometimes current.

Marine Sanctuary

Nice wall dive, with a lot of small fishes in the shallower part, nudibranches, morrays and also some bigger fishes in the deeper part. Nice gorgonias. Sometimes frogfishes, a napoleon or bluefin travellies.

Divers Heaven

Also a wall dive, similar to Marine Sanctuary. A lot of small fishes like soldier fishes. Nudibranches, morrays, also bluefin travellies. And, also pygmy sea horses.

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