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Scuba Diving is a great experience. But due the fact, that we human are not really made for the life under water, we need to have special scuba diving equipment. To make sure, that the equipment is in good condition, and that it is still function, when you need it, it's very important that you service your gear regularly, according to manufacturers recommendation.

When you start diving you might not think immedeatly about buying your own equipment. But with the time, you feel more comfortable and also more familiar with your own equipment. It's just more convenient to have your own equipment, than to have always different rental gear.

When you are thinking now, about buying some parts of your equipment, or just replace them with newer, more modern, and more up to date gear, then let me know. Just send me an email with the list of the things, you want to buy (brand, item, item number / type if available, design / edition and a price for identification), so that I know, that I'm looking for the right item. Maybe I can organize it cheaper for you. If you visit me in the Philippines, we could go together to the diveshop and get a good deal for you. But please note, it's not always worth to buy the equipment in the Philippines. It depends on the individual item. But for sure, it is worth a try! ;-)

Interessted? Please send me an email to: . Remember: There is no fee for a request. So, hurry up and give it a try! :-)

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